ramen scene (buttons determine what elements fall/how they interact)

Creator of the company Terrified Jellyfish, Tj Hughes thought up Nour, an interactive food simulator experimenting with 3D stylistic renditions of food. Advertised as “food art” on kickstarter, the program allows users to interact with scenes of ramen, boba, and popcorn through button mashing (whether on a keyboard or midi board). The user learns about how each button affects the scene through experimentation.

What drew me to this project was the beautiful visuals and the seamless combination of art and code. The way that the scenes appear makes it feel like an animation, yet the ability for users to interact with it the way that they do ties it back to programming. I also liked how the creator’s admitted love of “bright, saturated colors” and “absurdist humor” are reflected in the visual aesthetics and interactivity of the game itself.

Although it has yet to be fully backed and completed, the game is expected to be downloadable through Steam.

boba scene (buttons determine how/what elements move)

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