akluk – Section A – Looking outwards-05

The project that I was inspired by that was related to 3-dimensional graphics is Lee Grigg’s Xgen’s 3D renderings, created in 2014.

What I believe makes these renderings interesting is the fact that each surface is created by elevating or moving a “3D’ pixel to create structures and models. As we know, the basis of all computer graphics is visualizing data, and this is achieved with pixels, the building blocks of all images in computers. It is impressive that even something ground in such structured and calculated can create renderings reminiscent of occurrences in real life. While the artist simply used a program, Maya and Arnold, to create the renderings and graphics. What really impresses me is the program that is able to simulate “vision”, where it can determine shadows, depth, colors, and lighting. That is truly what is impressive about 3D graphics. The artist always seems to like to create 3D models but not smooth renderings but with disjointed and pixelated methods. Below is a link to the referred work.
Maya XGen Colored Cubes and Spheres Rendered with Arnold

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