I discovered and looked at the art of Gustavo Soares. He is a 3D artist that works with archivz and characters. His art especially appealed to me because his aesthetic involved drawing faces that had a cute “clay” like 3-D appearance.

Since this Looking-Outwards theme was about the production of 2D images that depict 3D scenes and objects, I thought his clay-like art was perfect to explore. I am not completely sure which algorithms or the computation methods he used, but in terms of his art, he uses a lot of shadows and highlighting to achieve his 3-D clay effect.

His artistic sensibilities are manifest in the final form through his acute attention to detail. Without this key necessity, his art would not have achieved the perfect 3-D appearance it displays. His art inspires me to pay more attention to the small details that may completely alter the way a whole image is displayed. For example, in my project for this week, I added some simple shadow an highlighting features to give my 2-D like egg a more 3-D look appearance.


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