Arts & Crafts (before)

Diego Querol is a 3D artist and renders interior spaces as if the render itself was a photograph taken on site. He uses the modeling tool 3ds Max and rendering tool VRay to generate his renders. The entire process of generating an interior render starts from finding inspiration images on composition and details that could hint stories to modeling the interior pieces to adding textures and light. Within the process of rendering in VRay, the scale of the textures must match with reality and the multiple lighting options must be adjusted in a way that would enhance the rendering. For example, the scale of the pattern on the wood cannot be too big or small. And the treatment of glass and reflective surfaces because of the way light behaves on such surfaces (light is absorbed, transmitted and reflected on glass).

Arts & Crafts (final render)

This type of artwork can bring a space to reality, which was once imagined. Querol also spends a lot of time and effort focusing on adding in details and filling the space with what is needed in order to convey a story or an atmospheric environment. This can be seen through his Arts and Crafts (below) rendered artwork, which is one of my favourite works of his.

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