ljkim Looking Outward 05

Snapshot from Nike’s Air Max campaign using 3D computer graphics.

After reading the prompt, I was immediately drawn to my internship this summer with Nike. I worked internally for them, and became close to the 3D team. This commercial/ad uses 3d graphics to communicate Nike Airs. The use of color and material communicates the light, flow, and durability of that particular line of shoes. I appreciate how easily Nike was able to convey that feeling through the use of 3D computer graphics. Its impressive how this level of fidelity is now available.

This is defiantly more design than coding – and frankly I much enjoy that. If there were algorithms used for this project, I see it being used in the geometric patterned scenes.Repeating the same shape, in different sizes, then randomizing the location of each. For example, 00:13.

Nike ~ Air Max 2017 from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.


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