Creative Miniworld: By Jan Reeh

This is a 3D art piece made by 3D artist Jan Reeh through a computer graphics program. I was very impressed by how much detail the artist portrays in his artwork. No matter how much you zoom, you can see every detail, and the artwork looks so alive. It’s impressive how through computer graphics, you can get art that could look so real and like a photograph. Through computer graphics, you can more detail than you can ever get by drawing or making by hand.

3D template that is later overlayed

Jan Reeh also shows in a video about this project how he made a 3D template first and overlayed color and visuals over that 3D template, just like how when you physically sculpt something, you make the scaffold first and then overlay color, texture, etc. This made me realize how art does not always have to be about physical making but it can also be made through technology and computers, although the process is the same.

Detailed shot 1
Detailed shot 2

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