Do you think she is just a normal high school girl from japan? Actually, she is not real for real. She is a virtual character created by a graphic design team name ‘Telyuka’. But she looks like real, acts like real, and she is even competing with real girls in real idol audition right now in japan.


When I saw the picture at the first time, I thought ‘well, she’s pretty but little bit feel like a doll. Too much photoshop.’And after I found out she is a just virtual character, I was surprised by the fact that I don’t feel any uncanny valley which is a huge problem for any computer graphic characters in video game and movies.


Team ‘Telyuka’ said they want to create ‘virtual human’ with personality and feelings communicating with people. They also interviewed that it’s still on progress of developing more realistic modeling of her since she looks less human in the moving video than a still picture. I also think that if they can compensate the current problem with moving and voice, some people would be reasoned she’s alive.

Team Telyuka

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