Holger Lippmann

After looking on Google and Pinterest, I found an artist whose work I really enjoy. This week I will be doing my Looking Outwards Report on Holger Lippmann. His latest work can be found here.

Lippmann started with focused study in visual arts as a teenage. He went to his first computer graphics internship at the Institute of Technology in New York. He worked more closely with computers when he moved back to Germany, his fascination of working with software and internet based media grew. His work includes vector files ranging from sizes 80 centemetres to 180 metres wide.


One of the pieces I most admire is the Noise Scape 4 Series.

this is a rework of some ongoing scripts and one of Lippmann’s most recent works. I really enjoy this work because it is a romantic landscape painting that has been created with simple 2d geometries. Lippmann has programed a script that can run and produce many of these “paintings” and he then chooses the best to print.

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