daphnel-Looking Outwards-06

         Random Number Generated Arcs

Marius Watz and Jer Thorp, a generative and data artist respectively, used pseudo-random compositions of shapes and figures in order to create a set of computational designed artworks for the “Random Number Multiples” series. The photo above is supposed to be a volcano erupting with the molten lava colored as different streaks. I find this piece of work to be very intriguing; how a series of lines and basic colors were able to make a simple yet colorful piece of work. I admire the fact that even though these artists are skilled in computers, they chose instead to screen print their artworks that they created through their computer softwares by hand. I feel that this work of art is very representative of the artists themselves because although randomized to a certain point, the lines still look very uniform, clean-cut and neat.

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