The inaugural exhibition, XYZT: Abstract Landscapes is a beautiful and profound exhibition that is created by a group of artists and engineers cooperating under the name of Adrien M & Claire B, which is led by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne. XYZT that is named after four dimensions (horizontality, verticality, depth, and time) performs 10 works that are supported by a distinctive mathematical algorithm. The giant screen with sensors forms “could” of pixels and performers can interact with the projections during the show.

I am interested in XYZT exhibition because I have seen other exhibition or design using the computational algorithm, but I have not seen performances using the mathematical algorithm during the show. It is special because when planning for the performance, randomness of computational art is hard to predict. With the artists and engineers now the computational algorithm can be fully used for the performance using the randomness of the algorithm.

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