dchikows-Section C-Project-06-Abstract-Clock


//David Chikowski
//Section C
//Project - 06 

function setup() {
    createCanvas(480, 480); 

function draw() {
    background(210, 200, 230); // My favorite pink
    //calls the current hour, minute, and second
    var H = hour();
    var M = minute();
    var S = second();

    //left circle representing hours 
    ellipse(85,height/2, (H*4)+50, (H*4)+50);
    //middle circle representing minutes 
    ellipse(width/2,height/2, (M*4)+50, (M*4)+50);

    //far right circle representing seconds 
    ellipse(380,height/2, (S*1)+50, (S*1)+50);


I started the project thinking I would utilize the use of lines to base my time off of. I then decided I would switch to circles because I could change the size and how they took up the screen. I really struggled with the create aspect of the project.

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