akluk – Section A – Looking outwards-06

For this week, the project that I have chosen to write about is Matt Deslauriers experimentation and project on generative art with node.js and canvas, from May 11th, 2016. What his program does basically, similar to some projects we do, is on a mouse press the canvas will use a new random set of values and parameters to create a new and random art work. What really intrigues me about this project is how even though the art is created through random algorithms, it still has structure and a sense of flow and ebb to it. It has patterns and colors unique to each one. The creator has a series of different palettes and the randomizer will choose one of them. It feels very organic and life like where the art just kinda grows out of the canvas. The random and unstructured splashes of colors also reminds me of Jackson Pollock’s painting. Below is a Link:

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