The piece I chose to reflect on today is “Two hands, one loop.” This is a piece by the artist, J.Eric Morales.

I chose this piece because the shapes and outlines are computed and drawn to be very random. But in the end, the shapes and outlines have a purpose and form something recognizable. In fact, the shapes are created of a single line. Learning this, I admire this piece even more. At first glance, the portions besides the hand look unstructured. However, all being strung together by one single line gives the piece unity and cohesiveness. The random movement of the line forms shapes come together that and even form a greater story. I really admire this because it shows that the artist had such an abstract way of thinking, but a very definite plan and objective of the piece.

I couldn’t find any information on how the artist computed the algorithms and randomness in the work. But, I suppose he had the line have random distance between the first and second point and then when it got to the placements of the hand, the random possibilities of distances got smaller.

Link to other projects Morales completed are found here

Morales full page can be found here




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