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Victor Adan, Jeff Synder and Daniel Iglesia – The Draftsmasters

A still of the pen plotter and 3D computation

The Draftmasters is a very interesting project. It is a video/ geek/ music collaboration between Victor Adan, and Jeff Synder on the performance side, and Daniel Iglesia on the visuals side. The way it worked was, Victor and Jeff made physical gestures, which directed the hacked pen-plotter printers. The printers were equipped with pickups, which make the sound. Then, Daniel analyzes the visuals and creates 3D graphics in real time.

The combination of motion and sound, being captured by the hacked pen plotters is an intriguing one. It simultaneously allows for control, and unrestricted randomness. The combination of the two undoubtable results in some very dynamic forms. You could control your movements, or have them be completely random, but the pen plotter will interpret these how it wants too. Same could be said for the sound involved. Watching the video, the 3D form generate by the moving pen plotter really shows the dynamism, and randomness of the project.

I really admire the project because of the intersection of computation and music. I’m truly fascinated by this area and would love to learn more. Projects like this are truly inspiring. Each of the members of the group seemed to have a specialty with Synder and Adan being musicians, and Iglesia being the visual person. The projects seems to embody a synthesized ideal that could have come from all three.

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