Exhibition in Kettle’s Yard gallery in Cambridge by John Cage

Computer-generated Random Numbers Determined Media, Composition and Color of the Art Work

John Cage is known for the use of randomness in his art. In his art works in The Kettles Yard exhibition, Cage used computer generated random numbers to determine which row of stones, which brush to use, and the position of the stone on the paper. After generating such randomness, he finally paints around the stone. He also uses randomness in the form of exhibition, using computer generated-coordinates to determine the heights and positions of the pictures. Even during the exhibition, art pieces are removed and added through the random process.

I think his approach to randomness is remarkable because unlike Jackson Pollock, who used randomness as a controlled expression, Cage completely sacrificed his control to use chance operation. Art has been considered as a form of expressed feelings. However, Cage in Kettles Yard completely challenged this notion of traditional art and enlighten public with the beauty of randomness.

link to Kettle’s Yard

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