ikrsek-Looking Outwards-07

Around the time of the most recent election, the wall street journal released a webpage that displayed examples of conservative and liberal facebook feeds side by side using programming to find such article/data that would apply to either category. To look at the information on each side and compare it brings to mind the power of the news that we find ourselves surrounded by – as well as the delicacy of words and the ability to completely warp our perception of events, or to manipulate an audience into feeling a certain way about a topic of discussion. In a sense it also brings about a sobering realization of the power of corporations like facebook, which are in control of the news that we see. Facebook itself has an immense amount of control and power in filtering the news on our timelines and in that regard also has a frightening amount of control over us and tend to keep us confined in an echo chamber with regards to the idea that the posts our friends or family make or share will tend to retain familiar values/morals. Projects like this, which give you access and understanding to different perspectives are necessity if we ever hope to overcome our differences to work together for the good of ourselves and fellow peers.

Here is a link to the website and a screenshot of the page:


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