In a project lead by Boris Müller and one/oneStudio NAND developed a map that was a visual landscape of fictional and poetic illustrations for the 14th Poetry on the Road festival in Bremen, Germany. The works of 25 different authors spanning 4 different languages created the computational basis for several generated media projects. For example, the image above: this is a visual map in which all of the works in the festival were represented in this unique form of computational media. This particular visualization was based on a “Conic Equidistant Project” so the distances were proportionally correct, as well as visual mapping, natural language processing, “Jan Rybicki’s TransVis research for detecting author finger­ prints,” and Yahoo’s geocoding service, among other distributions to establish connections between the different works.

I really admire this project for its application; this design ended up being used for the promotional poster – as a form of publications-art. It’s a unique way or representing other forms of art, while also having a practical use. It’s very cool to see how even works of literature, like poetry, can be represented through code and visual mapping.

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