Personal Knowledge Database by Moebio Labs (Santiago Ortiz)

Moebio Labs is a collaborative team of engineers, analysts, programmers, etc. which has swept through and encountered millions of pages on the internet. While they make most of their data visualizations about a specific topic or theme, their project Personal Knowledge Database acts as an archive for the research they have done throughout the ten years since they started making data visualizations. I admire how they use of old, “unseen” material and incorporate it as a main thematic element in another one of their projects. I think there is a significance in the metaphorical translation of the project’s concept to a visual, and the interactive and technical aspects are extremely impressive. One observation I have of the algorithm used is the separation of certain links/projects into nodes within other nodes, perhaps to indicate time period and area of research.

Image result for personal knowledge database santiagoImage result for personal knowledge database santiago

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