A Day in the Life of Americans

A Day in the Life of Americans
by NATHAN YAU, Flowing Data

I really love this data visualisation because its really dynamic, aesthetic and informative. It also has this interesting bird’s eye view of people and how they live their lives. It has this sense of removal and perspective. It really is about people just being people in their daily activities and movement. It’s also really interesting to see rush hours where activity rapidly changes like 9:00 am or 5:00 or 6:00 pm; there literally is a visual rush of little dots across the page.

Its so fascinating because the designer has managed to make everyday activities and mundane movements extremely engaging. It also has this strange voyeuristic quality to it, where you literally watch people do very normal things. I feel like I could watch this for hours and never be bored. It is satisfying and yet makes me want to know more about these individual trends and movements.

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