Looking Outwards-07-ssontag-Selfiecity

This work by Moritz Stefaner compiled 3200 selfies taken by people from around the world to analyze the selfie phenomenon of our generation. They “Rich media visualizations (imageplots) assemble thousands of photos to reveal interesting patterns.” There are many parts of this project that analyze different aspects of each selfie and how each selfie was taken. Some of these demographics include, place taken, age of the selfie takers, and gender of the selfie takers. They also analyzed each photo to see how the photo was taken. Whether the person is looking up, down, left or right. It also analyzed their emotions, the tilt of their head, how open their mouth was, and whether or not they are wearing glasses. All of this information was then stored and graphically represented beautifully with sheets of infographics.

The Documentation

Here is a video that compiled their work.

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