Ingrid Burrington is awesome writer, artist and computational information visualizer. I admire her brilliant works including writings and arts besides that fact that she’s also a computer data researcher. she writes about computers, politics, and art. Some of her works use data to creates images and others are computer generated arts that comes with various forms such as installation art or graphic design.
she creates a cloud as of networked infrastructure with her writings. She thinks about how the internet works and a lot of pieces of material infrastructure that goes into creating our fantasy of the cloud as nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

Measuring The Impact of A Fare Hike
The Realm of Rough Telepathy

She has published a book called ‘Networks of New York’ which sketches the physical extrusions of the internet into New york City’s streets and buildings, and makes especial note of how much of that infrastructure has been built as aprt of the post 9/11 surveillance network that NYC has erected over the past 15 years.

You can check more of her works here
Ingrid Burrington Website

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