Could you be a medalist? Animation Design by Santos.

Mariana Santos

Mariana Santos is currently the CEO of Unicorn Interactive, an independent media startup working on digital storytelling. She graduated from the University of Lisbon with a bachelors in communication and industrial design. Then completed a masters in digital media while working at Hyper Island. Santos describes herself as a visual storyteller, and began her career as a motion animator and post-production editor at Universal Music Berlin.

Santos creates a wide range of work from interactive, animation, film, design, to books. I admire the interactive work she creates, as they tend to follow a similar personal style that’s very straight-forward and colorful. Her style works well specifically with maps and guides. The project I admire the most is the piece ‘Could you be a medallist’, as she took on a retro/gameboy aesthetic that made a super user-friendly piece that was fun and engaging.

Through her portfolio, she presents her work effectively by having automated slideshows with high fidelity visuals at each clickable album. Visuals are also followed with a paragraph description which is consistent throughout. The page is also adaptive, which is something I could implement for my own presentation.



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