alchan-Looking Outwards 08

(Eyeo 2015 – Amor Muñoz from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT)

Amor Muñoz is a multimedia artist from Mexico City. She’s interested in combining experimental technology with more traditional media, in particular textiles. Most of her projects are heavily interdisciplinary, reflecting this interest. She originally studied law at the National Autonomous University of Mexico before briefly moving to the US to study art at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, though she continued practicing law for some years after.

As someone who’s also very interested in textile art and embroidery, I’m fascinated by the way Muñoz combines/ incorporates them with technology. Her art is also frequently commentary on cultural or social issues, and Muñoz lists her “Maquila Region 4” (MR4) project as a prime example of all these pursuits. The project is a take on “maquilas,” which are cheap labor factories typically owned and managed by US companies along Mexican border towns. MR4 is a moble “maquila” that hires people (at the US minimum wage, which is much higher than the Mexican minimum) in poor areas to produce embroidered soft circuits with conductive thread.

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