Rachel Binx

Rachel Binx is an avid traveler and designer. She has a data visualization background, and finds it natural to convert her experiences to data points to visualize. She has a double degree in math and art history from Santa Clara University (go NorCal!) She works at Netflix currently.

She created a company that creates jewelry, called Meshu, based on geographic locations on a map that people have visited. She found that the backstories/meaning behind the jewelry was intensely meaningful and personal.


Meshu, customized jewelry.

Her work also touches upon manufacturing goods with customized, personal touches using forward looking technologies like 3d printing, and laser-cutting.

Another project of Binx’s is WifiDiary, where she programmed her computer to take a photo of her every single time she connected to a different wifi hotspot.

I really admire how she uses tools and technology to really enhance her projects, such as laser-cutting/3D printing. I’m actually really glad I stumbled upon her work because I love geography, and have always been personally interested in mapping out my own personal experiences. Often, data visualization seems like a lot of heavy statistics, but personalizing it and using it to reflect on your own emotional experiences is a powerful way to use it.

I actually don’t think she’s that effective of a presenter. Her tempo varies a lot, and she seems a bit too nervous about her own work. She should own it more. But she is fine at getting her points across.



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