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Eyeo 2014 – Adam Harvey from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

The speaker I found interesting is Adam Harvey. He is an artist, technologist, and designer, and research based in Berlin — with a focus on the societal impacts of networked data analysis technologies: computer vision, digital imaging, and counter surveillance. He graduated from Interactive Telecommunications (ITA) in NYU and received his bachelor of arts degree from Pennsylvania State University. During his time at ITA, he explored different and imaginative uses for communications technologies, including their augmentations, how they could improve, and how they can improve people’s lives.

The OFF Pocket

I’ve always admired how technology can merge with art and design in different ways, and Adam Harvey’s projects really embody that idea. I also admire his focus on a very relatable topic to an everyday user of technology: privacy and surveillance. My favorite project of his would be a product that he made, called “The OFF Pocket”. It is a bag accessory of sorts for mobile phones, and it is able to block all wireless signals from reaching the phone — this way, users are able to shield off unwanted tracking.

During Adam’s presentation, he goes through a very interesting introduction that leads into why privacy is important to each individual’s control and personal power. I really admire the overall structure and the well-researched ideas he brings up. A clear strategy that he uses is to bring up topics that most people would be able to relate to and how he brings up why people should care about what he is talking about. Whenever I will be able to present my work, I hope to be able to use these strategies as well.

For further reading on Adam Harvey’s work, visit his website: https://ahprojects.com/

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