Kyle McDonald

Kyle McDonald is a Los Angeles based media artist who is working with code. He is one of a contributor of Openframeworks which is the open source arts-engineering toolkit for artists who utilize code in their creative practice. With his strength of proficiency in coding, he had worked on many projects such as computer vision, 3D sensing, and interactive media installation. In many cases, he had worked in collaboration with several other professionals and learns through the experiences with them. Also, in videos, he introduced a lot of his projects and shared the work-in-progress for each and what he learned so far in the project. His sharing about his own learning and progress shows how he builds his interests, skills, and his career as a media artist. One of the projects that he showed is ‘Missing’ which is an interactive installation. It explores the concept of The xx’s new Album named coexist through the relationship of human and machine. In this installation, 50 speaker players follow visitors while it is playing the song of The xx ‘Missing’. I think it is a very effective installation to deliver new musical experiences.

Kyle Mcdonald Website

INSTINT 2014 – Kyle McDonald from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.


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