Above is Yuri Suzuki’s presentation at the Eyeo Festival in 2015.

Below is one of Suzuki’s works I was most interested in.

Yuri Suzuki is a designer, sound artist, and electronic musician from Tokyo, Japan. He likes to explore the relationship between humans and sound, and how sound affect human minds. He has his own design studio in London and has created works for the Museum of Modern Art in NY.
Suzuki seems to have a very intimate relationship with sound in the work he does. A lot of the work he presented at the Eyeo Festival included using records as his main source of sound. One that impressed me was his spherical record called The Sound of Earth. The record is globe-shaped (hence the name) that plays different music based on which area of land the needle passes over. He presents this work by showing samples of the sounds one would hear if they stood by his project. Video format to showcase his work is definitely the most effective, especially to display sound, which pictures cannot.
The most intriguing thing is how personal this project is. Suzuki traveled around the world, and over the course of four years, collected field recordings (like folk music, national anthems, pop music, etc.) from different countries. A journey around his globe takes 30 minutes.
Suzuki goes on to talk about a lot of his other works, one of which includes embedding 67 speakers into a car that records surrounding road sounds of London. His work seems very playful and whimsical, but he takes his work seriously.

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