This week’s Looking Outward, I focused on Anouk Wipprecht who spoke at Eyeo Festival in 2016. She is a Dutch artist who identifies herself as Dutch fashion tech designer who welds fashion and technology together. She utilizes fashion and craft skills as well as soldering and technical skills in order to create dresses and garments that move and glow.

She titles her work “Robotic Dresses and Mimicry” combining fashion and technology in order to create eye-catching and moving pieces of clothing. When working with Audi, she took parts from a car and combined them into a garment. Her work is extremely unique and particularly interests me because rather than slapping on technology or LED lights, she integrates fashion and technology in a very cool manner. In addition, the garments don’t look entirely too bulky but rather very high tech and almost high end fashion. I learned that two different subjects can be combined in order to make something quite beautiful. In modern design, a lot of technology is also integrated together but I believe it should be a symbiotic relationship as Wipprecht shows.



Anouk’s Wipprecht work displayed with an Audi car. She created the clothes to go with the car rather than as an accessory to the car.

Her work can be found in this link.

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