Jake Barton is a pioneer in blending technology, digital media, and architecture into emotional and engaging digital media experiences for museums, companies, and public places. He received a Bachelor in Science of Speech from Northwestern, and then continued his education at NYU where he was awarded a MPS in Interactive Telecommunications. He is the founder of Local Projects, a firm based out of New York City specializing in creating innovative story-telling experiences that captivate audiences. In his own words on Local Projects’ website, he and his firm “create bold new ideas and bring them to life.” I admire the fact that he utilizes an interdisciplinary team of artists, coders, and architects to create his work because it recognizes that fact that collaboration is key to success in art and in life. Out of all his amazing projects, I enjoy his work for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum the most. In this project, he brings victims’ stories to life which inspires personal connections between them and the visitors. This strategy of appealing to qualities of humanity is something that I can utilize in the future to engage my audience with my work.

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