jiaxinw – LookingOutwards 09

Nayeon talked about this interesting project THE TRANSFINITE (2011) from Ryoji Ikeda, a Japenese sound and media artist in her LookingOutwards-04. (Here is the link to Nayeon’s post: https://courses.ideate.cmu.edu/15-104/f2017/2017/09/22/nayeonk1-lookingoutwards-04/)

This is the project video:

Nayeon mentioned that she was attracted by how Ryoji Ikeda has created a dimension for combining the sound and installation art together, and I would like to say I totally agree with it. The video is very immersive for me to feel the changing vision and audio inside the big art installation space. The vision went well with the sound, and the whole wide empty space created a feeling of the theater with all the media going on. Even the audience who just stood at or randomly walked by the installation, as an outsider I considered they were a part of the stage. One interesting point that Nayeon mention in her post is that ” In his work, sound, time and space are composed by a mathematical way so that physical features of sound could reach to audience’s perception and feeling”, and it is very surprising for me. I was impressed by how Ryoji Ikeda uses technology to help convey his ideas but give audience better experience at the same time.


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