cduong-Looking Outward 09

Ryu’s Looking Outward :


The video shows the colors being put in each cylinder and shows how it changes the drawing on the screen.

This project is to better understand the RGB theory and make it more tangible by using physical paint mixing. They used three water-filled containers (one red, green, and blue) to adjust the colors on the screen in a drawing.

I agree with Ryu’s thoughts about the project when he talks about how this is an effective method for communicating the abstract idea of RGB color. They make it very clear what is happening in the painting by adding one color at a time in the cylinders and seeing the colors change gradually on screen. Something that he didn’t mention that I feel is that this gives people a better understanding of how each color, RGB, can affect how a person is feeling when looking at a painting. In the GIF you can see that it starts out as blue and then ends with having red too, which changes a cool feeling to a warm feeling and really allows the viewer to understand how much color can affect how they feel when looking at something.

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