Georgia Tech’s Shimon robot writes and plays its own music using machine learning.


For this looking outwards post, I am getting inspiration from svitoora’s post on sept. 18:

svitoora – 04 Looking Outwards


As svitoora mentions in his post, this robot was given more than 5,000 songs and riffs and is able to, with these, compose its own music. What this robot does is so human like and the focus on the implications of this were stated in his reflection very thoroughly. The fact that you could walk into a room and hear this playing and think it is a human is crazy. Not only does it emit music, but it creates its own non-random but incredibly calculated notes. The most mesmerizing part of this project to me is that it takes from other music. Like a human, it takes cues from different genres and mixes them to make something with its “taste.”



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