ziningy1 – section c – project 09

After being inspired by Professor Golan’s work, I decided to approach this project by laying a grid of circles on the picture. The grid using the nested for loop will create a sense of geometric order of the display. I also find it interesting that I can play with the visibility of the content by adjusting the size of the circles. So I added the Mouse Pressed so that when pressed the circle will become larger, which will gradually shows a clearer version of the picture.

*Please load my project in Safari browser, the chrome browser does not really load, thanks.

First look

After few clicks

After more clicks


//Zining Ye 
//15104 lecture 1 recitation C

var backimage;

var size1=1; 

function preload() { //preload the image 
    var ImageURL = "https://i.imgur.com/JuT5ojz.jpg"
    backimage = loadImage(ImageURL);

function setup() {
    createCanvas(400, 400);
    backimage.loadPixels(); //load the pixel of the images 



function draw() {

    var space1=10; //spacing of the balls 

    //creating a for loop the circle grids 
    for(var i=0;i < 50; i++){ 

        for(var j=0; j < 50; j++ ){

            var ex=i*space1;
            var ey=j*space1; 
            var space=10;
            var brightness = backimage.get(ex,ey) // gets the color from the back image 
            fill(brightness); //fill the color 
            ellipse(ex,ey,size1,size1); // draw the circles 

function mousePressed(){

    size1+= 2 // when mouse pressed the circles become larger so that the image become clearer




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