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BikeCycle by Nick Felton

I really enjoyed the topic of computational information visualizations from Week 7, so I found myself scrolling through the Looking Outwards submissions of that week. I was then that I found the work of Ryu “the kangaroo” Kondrup. He wrote about Nick Felton, an info-graphic designer, and an icon for the world of data visualization. Ryu focused on the BikeCycle project, one which plots activity from bike sharing program in New York City. I think that the work done by Nick Felton and other info-graphic designers is extremely important because it adds another layer to information that would usually be monotonous, as well as makingthe information a little easier on the eyes. I also agree with Ryu’s observation that “the advantage of utilizing such a means of visualization over more regular representational methods is that rental bike use can be related to time of day, time of year, and other factors, data which would otherwise be lost in the quagmire of conventionally compiled data sets.”

The BikeCycle project as well as many of Nick Felton’s other projects such as the Annual Report, are remarkable well designed from a graphic standpoint, but are also very intriguing in his ability to map these somewhat static datasets into more dynamic domains. I think Ryu does a great job in understanding the nature of Nick Felton’s project. I’m very interested in where the world of data visualization can take us; it is an exciting concept.

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