gyueunp – Project-09: Computational Portrait

computational portrait (custom pixel)

//GyuEun Park
////15-104 E

var image;

//load image using an imgur url
function preload() {
    var myImageURL = "";
    image = loadImage(myImageURL);

function setup() {
    createCanvas(480, 274);

function draw() {
//set colors and positions for ellipses to create the image 
    var px = random(width);
    var py = random(height);
    var ps = random(0.5,10);
    var ix = constrain(floor(px), 0, width-1);
    var iy = constrain(floor(py), 0, height-1);
    var theColorAtLocationXY = image.get(ix, iy);

    ellipse(px, py, ps, ps);

This project resembles pointillist artworks in that the dots of color gather to form an image. In this case, I chose to use a photo of myself. I love how oddly unsettling the dots are as they grow into my body. The auditory element also adds on to the disturbing nature of the work.


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