Pictured above are two people interacting with the Lumifolia artwork.
Shadow of a woman exploring the art piece.

For my Looking Outwards Post this week, I looked at the very first Looking Outward Post by Rachel Park from the first week of classes. She wrote about an art piece made by the duo Scenocosme: Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt called Lumifolia (press for link). This interactive garden “questions sensitivity, artistic, and musical relationships with the plants and the environment” according to its official website. The closer the human’s touch, the brighter the lights shine.

I agree with Rachel that the idea behind this art piece is both very refreshing and also innovative. It can be used for a greater purpose such as a future public installation in more uninteresting areas. However, I also thought of how this piece could be used for safety measures in dark allies such as in urban areas.

Rachel also mentioned the unique design of the art piece, which encouraged human interaction. I also thought of the tree model they used for this particular art piece. Maybe, there is a more subtle message that encourages more interaction between humans and nature in this specific art piece. The message can be seen with the bright light that shines specifically only when the human touch comes closer to the tree model itself.

It reminded me once again that my art can be used for more than just aesthetic purposes. It can beautify the setting that surrounds it, but can also help serve the usability of that area also.

Below, is an interactive video of the art piece.


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