I decided to reply to Joohee Kim’s post, about a generative art titled “Random Numbers,” created by generative artist Marius Watz and data artis Jer Thorp. I was browsing through all the posts she had made, and thought I like the look of the generated object, how the layers of lines create a dimension, and was curious about the algorithm behind it. In her post, Joohee describes about how she appreciates the randomness in this piece of artwork, and I also agree that this work has an interesting way of combining data and randomness, since those are the two contrasting ideas since data isn’t a thing that could be completely random. Also, the fact that the final piece was screen printed by hand gave it a bit more authenticity because it has a original yet unexpected quality to it since the outcome is not necessarily the same each time, and the concept of it is parallel to the “data and randomness” since they use the same exact frame for printing but the results come out as random.



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