I looked at my friend Tiffany’s post about Marpi’s meditative installation art named “The Wave.” The display uses open source shaders by Jaume Sanchez powered by Three.js. It’s a serene, sizeable touchscreen display of waves, made up of soft, curved shapes and strokes. People can interact with the display and guide the movement of the water particles. I wasn’t sure if they really behaved like water particles, but it’s interesting that Marpi calls the shapes water particles; though the shape and behavior doesn’t necessarily follow the behavior of real water, I can bring myself to believe that if we had magical powers to control water with gestures, that it would move in this manner. I agree with Tiffany that it’s a very pleasant and soothing visual to look at. The slow movement and soft curves are comforting and satisfying to watch as they change direction and shape. The video below showing people interacting with “The Wave” was posted a year ago.

The Wave from Marpi on Vimeo.

Link to my friend’s Looking Outwards post:


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