for this Project I experimented alot with the way that stroke were rendered by the program and how the user could interfere with that and in the end I decided on creating something slightly pixelated. I chose to have the program automatically render the photo in the form of  rectangles because of it’s interesting pixelated quality. I then decided to that the user’s stroke be rendered as empty ellipses so as to give the user the ability to make the image a little more interesting and the overlapping and intermixing of colors (without changing opacity) was something that struck me as rather pretty- the ellipses add a quality that I feel is reminiscent of rain drops on a body of water, or even just ripples across a small puddle.
I didn’t have a particular goal in mind at the beginning aside from encouraging the program to add a more painterly quality to images as it redrew them pixel by pixel

I feel the the top right and left corners as well as the bottom left corner look particularly watery in a good way.

Image with intervention from the user:


Here is what the image looks like without any interference:

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