Looking Outwards 9, odh

I chose to look at Jihee Kim’s Looking Outwards focused on randomness. She talks about a collaboration project between visual artists Memo Akten and Quayola. i agree with Jihee in that the project looks at the motions of the human body as it performs, in this case, extreme physical movements. I, however, don’t see the link of the randomness to the forces exerted on or by the human, as Jihee states. I see the randomness controlled by the motions of the human body, depicting a trail of motion that gives further context to their movements.

I also agree with the success of the artists to give life to this piece, purely made of basic, unnatural geometries. Through the randomness, I can see a human. Their success in beautifully depicting motion gives the audience enough to see a normal person carrying out the movement.

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