Jiaxin wrote a blog post about CG artist Cornelius Dämmrich. His works look like awesome illustrations, but he uses multiple graphic softwares to create lighting, texture and shading. Since I have interest on concept art, this blog post just caught my eyes. Jiaxin said there is no specific story behind his work, but as I see, I can read the story behind it. Story doesn’t necessarily mean to have narrative. If it has detailed concept for background and atmosphere, it can be a story too. In his work, amount of details tell a lot of things. I love how he uses lighting to tell a story. Strong contrast from the image gives a feeling on isolation, and also antipation for something.

Here are more images I found on his websites.

Until the light takes us 2013(in progress)
Until the light takes us 2013(Final work)

Jiaxin’s post
Cornelius Dammrich’s website

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