^Shantell using the motion sensor device to leave the trail.

^ Rhino screen showing the trail of the device.

Title: Drawing Trails

Artist:  Shantell Martin

Year of Creation: 2016

Link to the Article of the Project:  https://shantellmartin.art/work/drawing-trails/

Link to the Bio of the Artist: https://shantellmartin.art/info/


Drawing Trails was a collaboration between visual/digital artist Shantell Martin and architect Maria Yablonina as a way to visualize the trail that we leave behind our motions. The concept was to explore the idea that whatever we do and wherever we go we leave an inevitable traces behind us and what they would look like if they were to be digitally captured and 3-d printed.

First, the motion sensor device will detect the movement of the object and transfer the information to the computer, which will use Rhino and Grasshopper with a customized program to visually map the data on the screen. The visual information on Rhino workspace will be then 3-d printed, giving us a chance to visually and sensibly observe the invisible trails that we have left behind for the first time.

The idea that we could observe our own trails is very interesting, but I am still a little dubious if it could be practical in capturing a larger degree of motion. However, simply as a new means of creating a sculptural art, this was a very unique attempt.

^ Sculptures created as Drawing Trails

Author: Claire

B.Arch Class of 2021 (Sophomore)

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