An example of the projection on the walls of Lentos Kuntsmuseum.

For this week’s Looking Outward post I focused on Tina Frank’s work in the Lentos Kuntsmuseum in Germany titled “Hotel Lentos” created in October 2010. By partnering with Elvira Stein, sound director Andrea Kurtz, and curator Magnus Hofmuller, she installed a 40 meter wide screen that would project the scenes of a hotel. The entire wall of the exhibit was filled with the projection work. I like how the entire project, although merely a video projection, is so large and covers up an entire wall. This way, user will feel more immersed into the piece as they watch the scene change from room to room within a hotel.

Tina Frank works as a professor from the University of Art and Design in Austria with a concentration in media art and graphic design. Her works focus on web design, music visualization, and video & multimedia. She also still works as the Creative Director and Founder of URL Agents for Information Design and Tina Frank Designs.

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