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Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin’s work is a multi-media, installation artist based in New York City. Her exhibition Lossy, is an investigation of the limitations of VR especially in a physical realm. She takes pre-created images and scans and alters them via VR functions and photogrammetry – creating infinite VR worlds that viewers can explore beyond her paintings. She then creates large oil paintings from these altered images within the VR world. I think this recycling process of taking reality and altering then putting back into reality is very cool. During her artist talk at the VR convention in Pittsburgh last year, Rossin says that she’s just trying to make sense of VR through painting and it’s just there to be a physical encapsulation. But I think there’s more because there is the complexity about translating something physical to virtual to physical again.

Gif animation of her contributing work for the VR salon in Pittsburgh

Maybe it’s a commentary about perceived reality, or maybe it’s about entropy, though Rossin denied it during the presentation. Her piece at the VR salon, a floating wreck composed of juxtaposed scenes from her life, felt ethereal as one floated around; something I find present in her translated paintings. Since she is a rather young artist, I’m interested to see how she develops and whether or not she decides to venture in recreating the digital world through other mediums besides painting.


Rachel Rossin’s Trippy Paintings of Reality as Seen Through VR


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