For this week’s looking outwards, I found Mimi Son’s work to be quite intriguing. She co-founded a studio, Kimchi and Chips, with UK artist Elliot Woods and together they work on a mixture of tangible and digital installation projects. I liked A Journey, London, for its use of paper craft and lights — two mediums I particularly like. I appreciate how delightful the environments the studio creates are.

Above: Image of project “A Journey, London”

What’s interesting, since we are bringing up the topic of underrepresented females in the industry, is that Elliot Woods, Son’s male studio partner, is listed first in all descriptions of their studio. Perhaps I’m affect by confirmation bias (after all, their studio name suggests Son is first since Kimchi references Korean culture) but I’m curious if it was a publicity decision or a sincere representation of who has more contribution in the studio.

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