(Kate Hollenbach, USER_IS_PRESENT, 2017)

Kate Hollenbach is an artist and a designer that works with computational programs to generate her works. She holds MFA from UCLA and a degree of computer science and engineering from MIT and was a director of design and computation at Oblong industries. Now, she examines new technologies to create an interactive space that explores the connection between one’s body, gestures, and physical space in relation to technological devices, such as phones.

“USER_IS_PRESENT” is an expansion of the relationship I just stated above. The work consists of three monitors that split across virtual and physical spaces. Hollenbach recorded three different point of views of the phone: the actual screen, back camera, and front camera. She captured the motion of both the user, phone, and the outside world and tried to bring them altogether. I admire the concept of her work. The spontaneous capture of the three view points looked fascinating when they were put together. The emphasis on being in both virtual and physical space seemed amazing.

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