Looking Outwards 10 – Yugyeong Lee

Toni Dove is one of the pioneers of interactive cinema who combines film, installation, and performance with contemporary narrative trends, often reflecting feminist take on popular subjects. She has worked with different institutions including Banff Centre for the Arts, ZKM, Whitney Museum of American Art, etc. to showcase her projects. One of her project, Lucid Possession, is a live cinema performance using “motion-sensing technologies to perform complex layers of media.” The performance sings and speaks through an Avatar which represents “an online alter ego.” The narrative unfolds as Bean, the designer of the virtual avatars, is plagued by ghosts; the story reveals inner voice battle with the real and virtual self. Her interactive project is inspiring in that it combines both real and virtual aspect through incorporating technology within the performance as well as in its narrative to reflect the on-going popular topic.

website: https://tonidove.com/

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