nahyunk1 – Looking Outwards 09

An environmental designer and an architect, Filipa Valente completed her studies in the Bartlett School of Architecture in London and in SciArc of Los Angeles. Her works mostly are focused in managing design in many architectural projects across the world which exists in places such as China, US, and Lybia. Filipa also produces environmental installations besides her architectural projects which not only uses materials that convey the idea of her themes but also expresses aesthetic purpose. One of her works named ‘Liminoid Garden’ is a project that is similar to one of the pieces that I made which makes use of neon lights and conveys spacial mood with the materials used. The way her piece is executed is admirable in her use of media art and motion censors that react in light whenever people interact with the piece. I hope to be able to create a piece one day that adds spacial mood to the audience interactively.

‘Liminoid Garden’ (2014)


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