Ziningy1 – Section C – Looking Outwards 10


Graduated with a MFA degree in media art in UCLA, Nova Jiang is a visual artist that work with computational system that are structurally open and aim to evoke the tactile and creative participation of the audience. When I was browsing through her website, my attention was attracted to this little garden-like installation project called Landscape Abbreviated. Landscape Abbreviated is a kinetic maze consisting of modular elements with rotating planters, which form a garden that is simultaneously a machine. The planters are controlled by a software program that continuously generates new maze patterns based on mathematical rules; they rotate to form shifting pathways that encourage visitors to change direction and viewpoints as they move through the space. I really enjoyed this project as it combines the rigorous software system with the organic setting to induced the unpredictable element in the experience. It is also highly immersive while the participants are in the maze, and the randomly moving planters in a way influences the viewers to be more conscious and sensitive surroundings. Through the changes in maze, visitors will be presented a variety of different perspectives to enjoy the whole installation, which also adds on to the overall immersive experience.

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