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“TRANSCENDENCE 115” is a collaboration between the digital artist LIA and the Portuguese experimental music project @c, created by Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela. It was created for the composition *Three-Body Problem* and was released in 2016. The starting point is a “system of forms and actions, an algorithm for visual composition,” which is then enhanced by the music and LIA’s interaction. You can watch it below.

I really admire this work because it seamlessly weaves together audio and visual in a way that is very difficult to do. Low heaves of noise push forward rounded lines, and high tinkling sounds fracture them into angles—it is endlessly entertaining to watch and listen to. I also love the way it uses orbits and patterns to make the entire image seem full, cohesive, and mesmerizing.

LIA, the co-creator of “TRANSCENDENCE 115”, is known for being a pioneer in software art. She is an Austrian artist who lives in Vienna and has been active since 1995. She uses a wide range of media, such as video, performance, software, installations, sculpture, projections, and digital applications. However, her primary working material is code, which she leverages for fluid and conversational interaction between human and machine. You can view more of her work at http://www.liaworks.com/.

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